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Literacy Narrative Essay: The Music in me

The Music in Me

Of any sport or club, I could choose at the beginning of seventh grade, I chose show choir. All my friends were doing it, so I wanted to join them and see how it was. Show choir can be described as singing and dancing competitively. For me, show choir is where I found my family and my new passion for music. After doing show choir for three years, my family decided to move from Indiana, where all my friends and show choirs were, to a North Carolina private school. My new school had never heard of show choir, let alone had one of its own. Instead, I had to find something close to it that caught my attention. I tried everything, including volleyball, softball, chorus, cheer, and theatre. I chose to do softball and volleyball because I used to enjoy doing sports. However, that was not the case anymore. At the end of sophomore year, I quit softball and volleyball, but I fell in love with chorus, cheer, and theatre. Being a part of this sport and these clubs made me incredibly nervous because I barely knew anybody going into it. Even though I loved to cheer and do chorus, the theatre had the biggest impact on my life because it gave me confidence, a community, and perseverance.  

The “Boom Boom Girls” (Alexa Hooten, Hannah Achilles, and Kristen Webb) and Val du Val (Seth Schenall) in Rocky Mount Academy Theatre’s Production of “Little Me” (2022). Dawn Whitehurst

Over time, I learned to try my best and to have fun. Something I learned was to not care what others think of me. Once I figured out how to perform to the best of my ability, had fun, and ignored others’ opinions, my passion grew even stronger. I never thought before that I would be singing solos, changing costumes, acting, and dancing in front of hundreds of people. As a “theatre kid,” I have come to think of myself as the person everyone watches on stage. I have been told that the audience’s eyes fall on me when I perform. Some people say I would “glow” when I hit the stage. I could care less about how people see me when I am on stage, but it boosted my confidence. 

Wildcat Cheerleaders (Alexa Hooten, Caitlin Meffen, Kristen Webb, and Mary-Edith Cox) in Rocky Mount Academy Theatre’s Production of “High School Musical” (2020). Dawn Whitehurst

I made many unforgettable memories throughout my years of doing plays and musicals. My favorite part of performing the shows was the last show. We usually performed four or five times over three days. The first performance was always the worst because everyone was always nervous and made many mistakes. On the other hand, the last show was a combination between the best and worst. It was the best because, by then, our nerves are gone, and we all put our all into it because it is the last time we could perform the show. However, it was the worst because it was the seniors’ last performance with us ever. The last show was always a very emotional event because, over all the rehearsals, we grew to love each other and created an unmatchable support system, but the last performance brought happy tears to everyone.  

Choreography Day at Rocky Mount Academy for the Theatre’s Production of “Little Me” (2022). Dawn Whitehurst

My favorite experience was the harder days. It was the Saturday rehearsals, tech week rehearsals, and the days when no one wanted to do anything at all. In the middle of learning everything for just my first show, my director named me dance captain. As dance captain, I had to learn the choreography before anyone else and help teach everyone else. Sometimes, I would even be tasked to choreograph a song on my own for everyone to learn and perform in the show. Performing is what I love to do. I do not think of what others are thinking or saying about me while I am on stage. While on stage, nothing matters. Any issue going on disappears during my rehearsals and performances. Music is my passion and has brought out the best of me. I enjoyed my career with the Rocky Mount Academy Theatre department and hope to continue to stay involved.

One response to “Literacy Narrative Essay: The Music in me”

  1. Alexa, “The Music in Me” offers a thoughtful look at your development as a performer. Narrowing the scope of your story and showing readers more of yourself on stage would strengthen the essay. If you would like additional feedback, please visit me during my office hours, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from noon to one on the main floor of Smith Library.


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